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Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes

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The Parish Council usually meet on the second Monday  bi-monthly at 7.30pm at Lady Emily Community Hall but extra-ordinary meetings can be called at any time. Please see below for scheduled dates.

Please click on the links below to read the agenda and minutes. The agenda will also be displayed on the notice boards three clear working days before the meeting.


10th January 2018 (extra ordinary meeting) Agenda  Draft Minutes

15th January 2018  Agenda  Draft Minutes

12th March 2018  Agenda

14th May 2018


9th January 2017   Agenda   Minutes

8th February 2017 (extra ordinary meeting) Agenda   Minutes

13th March 2017  Agenda   Minutes

29th March 2017 (extra ordinary meeting) Agenda  Minutes

8th May 2017  Agenda  Minutes

24th May 2017 (extra ordinary meeting) Agenda  Minutes

5th June 2017 (extra ordinary meeting) Agenda  Minutes

10th July 2017  Agenda    Minutes

11th September 2017  Agenda   Minutes

23rd October 2017 (extra ordinary meeting) Agenda  Minutes  

13th November 2017  Agenda  Draft Minutes

20th November 2017 Agenda Draft Minutes


11th January 2016  Agenda   Minutes

14th March 2016  Agenda   Minutes

20th April 2016  Agenda    Minutes

9th May 2016  Agenda  Minutes

15th June 2016 extra-ordinary meeting  Agenda  Minutes

11th July 2016  Agenda  Minutes

8th August 2016 extra ordinary meeting  Agenda  Minutes

12th September 2016  Agenda  Minutes

14th November 2016 (postponed until 21st Nov) Agenda  Minutes

14th December 2016 (extra-ordinary meeting) Agenda  Minutes


9th December 2015 (extra-ordinary meeting)  Agenda  Minutes

9th November 2015  Agenda   Minutes

14th October 2015 (extra-ordinary meeting) Agenda   Minutes

28th September 2015 Agenda   Minutes

July 2015 – agenda   July 2015 – minutes

Minutes – May 2015 Annual meeting

Minutes – March 2015

Minutes – Jan 2015

Minutes 10th November 2014

Minutes 29th September 2014

Minutes 14th July 2014

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