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Neighbourhood Development Plan

Have Your Say about the Future of Our Lovely Parish

Following an open day and several open meetings, attended by many members of the Parish, discussions took place regarding a Neighbourhood Development Plan Questionnaire. Members of the Steering Group debated the content of the questions to ensure that the questionnaire reflected the needs of all the residents in our Parish. You will be pleased to hear that the Questionnaire has been completed and produced by Data Orchard, thanks to the professional skills of Chris Gooding.

Click here to download the questionnaire

Click here to download the questionnaire report





THE NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN QUESTIONNAIRE was delivered to and collected from EVERY household in Tarrington in October 2014.  Its outcomes will play a vital role in shaping the content of the final plan, which will go through several stages of validation and approval as follows:-

  1. Assessment by Herefordshire Council for conformity with the County’s Core Strategy;
  2. A six week period for public comment;
  3. Evaluation by an independent inspector to check that the policies are supported by evidence and legal;
  4. The plan will then be the subject of referendum, requiring a vote in excess of 50% in favour, before it can finally be adopted.

The whole process is derived from the Localism Bill (passed by the Government in 2011) and when formally adopted, the Neighbourhood Development Plan will, by law, be given equal parity to the Herefordshire Council Core Strategy (which is currently being scrutinised) in determining any future development in Tarrington. Although housing is the key issue, the Questionnaire will also give residents the opportunity to express preferences regarding the development of places to work, the use of open spaces, and the possible development of local facilities and amenities.


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