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1981 Country Code:


  1. Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work
  2. Guard against all risk of fire
  3. Fasten all gates
  4. Keep your dogs under close control
  5. Keep to public paths across farmland
  6. Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls
  7. Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone
  8. Take your litter home
  9. Help to keep all water clean
  10. Protect wildlife, plants and trees
  11. Take special care on country roads
  12. Make no unnecessary noise

Recommended map: Ordnance Survey Explorer 189

Four short paths in village centre:

  1. From the main road (A438) by Tarrington Arms bus-shelter to School Lane opposite Tarrington Court
  2. From themain road (A438) opposite Tarrington House through Churchyard and left to Village Road.
  3. From Alders End Lane, opposite Swan House towards Tarrington Court and through to Tarrington Common Road.
  4. From top of Church Lane, over the style by Church Hill Cottage, left through orchard by hedge, across field to Main Road opposite Little Tarrington Lane.


Other paths through the village:

1. From School Lane, opposite The Vine, over field and up bank to entrance through wood, turning left out onto Tarrington Common Road by Green Acres.

2. From Alders End Road, opposite The Croft, across the field over the hill to Tarrington Common Road.

3. From Alders End Farm, around buildings along track – path forks:

Right fork – along track, turning left, across two fields, through wood, crossing small bridge, right across field to Durlow Common. (Turning right up Durlow Common, there is another footpath to Putley on left).

Left fork –  Again, two options:

a) Turn right keeping south of hedge, over two stiles through orchard, coming out at Main Road at Eastwood.

b) Keep straight on, following ditch, coming out on Main Road by Hillfields

4. From Eastwood along road to Woodend, over railway bridge turn right at bend in road by Pottingers through wood. This path can carry straight on to Ashperton Church, or alternatively turn left though wood, coming out at Woodend.

5. From Little Tarrington, left along road to Free Town, the path keeps to the left of the buildings, and leads straight to the footbridge where three paths meets. Straight on the path joins Watery Lane.

6. From Little Tarrington, on bend in road past Worville, the path crosses the field, then forks:

Right fork: leads to Woodend.

Left fork: following hedge for first field, a right turn to stile on left, across field to Tuston.

7. Out of the village along School Lane, turn left past The Leys. Track leads to Stoke Edith. (Two hundred years ago, this was part of the Main Road from Hereford to London. Many of these paths continue into neighbouring parishes of Stoke Edith and Perton.

Right to Roam

Following legislation in 2006, it is now possible to access on foot certain areas of Tarrington Common, as per map below. The shaded area can be accessed by walking up Tarrington Common is a signpost at the top of the road, pointing right. Take the first right fork to the Common.

Click here to download a pdf version of the Tarrington Common Map

Details of walks in Herefordshire can be found on on John Harris’s Walking in England website 

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